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May 17, 2006
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Fanta-dyak - Fantaserye Rants by matsunoki Fanta-dyak - Fantaserye Rants by matsunoki
EDIT. Format, picture, and some misspellings. :P

READ before you go berserk or something.

2nd part of the Fantaserye rantings or whatever you call it. And to those who requested for me to do something like what i did for Darna. [click here]

It's mostly about Encantadia and Majika (Omg, Pater HARRY. Why do i smell a Dumbledore death rip-off?), with a bit of Darna too. I wasn't able to come up with something for Sugo since i've never watched too much of it. (and besides, they mostly share the same faults :P )

The idea was more fueled when whoever decided for Cassiopeia to die in a HORRIBLE way in Encantadia, (yes, i watched it. Just for Cindy Kurleto and some designs here and there) then Evades and Avria too. (hence the New Method of Killing article). Add to that the already inscribed faults in my idea bin box. And here you go.

It's really dissappointing how GMA 7 market these (supposed to be "WORLD CLASS" and have "FANTASTIC" effects) fanta serye's. Jebuuz!, have they seen the sentai's? I mean, they're made from 1995 and below (Bioman, Jetman, Maskman etc) and they still kick the fannies of these 2005-06 fantaseryes. :disbelief:

Oh well. I know that whatever rants me and other says, the networks would still churn out half-assed productions like these. Seriously, they shouldn't dub it as "FANTASERYE"'s, they should dub it as "RATING-SERYE"'s. :evileye:

I'll see if Captain Barbell (lololol, i smell a Smallville rip-off.) would inspire me to do another one of these rant/parody. :P (I bet it would be mostly the same :rofl: )


NOTE: If you are a fantaserye fanboy (of either GMA or ABS) spare me the fan boyism comments because i won't tolerate any of it. PLEASE GET RID OF YOUR DENIAL. Besides we have our own opinions regarding matters and stuff, i'll respect yours if you respect mine first and act in a rather civilized manner.

Art and Articles © Me.
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CharLevi Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2011
Yan ang hirap sa mga halip na suportahan..pinupuna.
walang magagawa mahirap na bansa lang tyu eh...Pero ang mahalaga na kakaya!:D At maganda ang storya may aral!!!:XD:
matsunoki Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pano hindi mo pupunahin? Eh hinahaluan ng yabang sa advertisements? (World class special effects? :lmao: ) Akala nila siguro lahat na lang ng Pilipino ganon ka gullible.

Kung mahirap na bansa pala tayo bakit kailangan pang mag try hard na mag fantaserye kung hindi kaya? Andami sa ibang bansa magagndang series na hindi fantaserye, na hindi kailangan ng CGi etc., pero nagtatagumpay dahil dumidistanya sila sa norm, nag ex experiment ng atake sa storya. (e.g. Hindi na lang puro Drama...)

May aral ba ang mga ratings-serye na nabanggit ko dito? Paki enumerate, di ko kasi matandaan kung meron nga. :P
CharLevi Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2011
Baket sa pilipinas lang naman yan ah?
Saka siguro yun ang first na fanta serye na may ganung special effect...Atleast sumikat! :XD:
Edi sabihin mo "NICE TRY" problema ga un?

Hellooo~ yung storya ng enca ang sinasabi ko hindi ratings.

At wala akong nabanggit na ratings...tch` puro ratings.
matsunoki Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sa Pilipinas lang? :XD: Di ba nga pinagmamalaki pa nila na pinapalabas din nila sa Pinoy TV? So Global yan.

Hindi ko sinasabi yung ratings, pakibasa po kaya uli yung sinabi ko. :| Wait a sec, let me say that again: "Ano bang aral ang meron sa mga fanta-serye na na feature sa deviation ko na ito?"..... The usual good vs evil, good wins in the end. :blahblah:
CharLevi Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2011
kyuzoaoi Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2010  Student Artist
Manong, under the fantaserye curse pa rin tayo ngayon eh.

Yung Noah, halatang kinopya yung Avatar [yung may mga kulay-bughaw na alien].

Tapos yung Idol, parang High School Musical set in a Filipino barangay eh!

Pati yung Agua Bendita, halatang re-hash lang ng ibang fantaserye eh!

Kailangan nang gawin ng paraan niyan!
Soul-Music Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2009
No wonder hindi ako nanonood ng mga teleserye... Although I've seen their commercials, effects pa lang nakita ko na tinipid yung production. Plus, the acting sucks...
luminaireterrial Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008
wohoo! we have the same rants! =D
Reihn Featured By Owner May 25, 2007
THAT is so true :rofl:
oso-oso Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2007
LOL so true XD
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