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Matsu's Pixel ID by matsunoki Matsu's Pixel ID by matsunoki
Read HERE for background info about the piece: :D

So this was like a movement a few months back? lol and it's my first deviation for 2008! Haha. But then again when work enters your life, your personal art life must give way. And it doesn't help if you end up having to revise poses and sht.

Anyway, here be my part for the pixel ID movement started by :iconscrotumnose:. I'm such a fan of pixel/2D fighting games both SNK, CAPCOM, and those Japanese Indie ones that i just wanted to make one for these two characters that represent me: Matsunoki being the one with the brushed up hair and Monpochi being the one with the bangs.

To those who're wondering how this set-up (two characters in one selection) will work if ever they be in a fighting game is that you have to hold a punch button at the intermission screen (that thing that plays after you choose characters on a select screen) to play as Matsunoki while you must hold a kick button to play as Monpochi. The one whose not chosen will be seen standing and watching on the background (reminiscent of Yun and Yang in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike).

The un-pixelized portrait on the right is my first Photoshopped colored piece after quite some time and i tested out a coloring technique on it (might go on and post it seperately.. hmmn). Monpochi (the one with the bangs) seems to not like people suddenly resting their jaw on his elbow that much. haha.

Being wordy on my first Deviation for this year. >_<'' This be bad.

Cheerios and Goodluck to all of you this year!

P.S. If you thought that the tagline was familiar, it is from YM's Audibles (Audibles>International>English>UK). I just loved how it was said there and a bonus that it relates to these characters . ;P

Matsunoki, Monpochi © :iconmatsunoki:
Pixel ID Movement © :iconscrotumnose:
For more of them Pixel ID's, visit > :iconpixelids:
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January 2, 2008
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