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February 10
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Street Fighter DESTINY : Hua Dongtian by matsunoki Street Fighter DESTINY : Hua Dongtian by matsunoki
My entry for :iconskratchjams: 's Street Fighter JAM.

[-- CREATION: --]

Seeing the subject choice just made me spring into action to enter this character, which design inspiration (as bland as it may be) is rather bewildering coz it came from a dream of mine when Tekken was in it's height and no 3D Street Fighter game was around. What's creepy is that a couple of months after having the dream, vanilla Street Fighter 4 was announced. :O

In the dream I had the supposed 3D Street Fighter's graphics are more akin to that MMORPG Guild Wars. The "Character Select Screen" is composed of the chracters standing on a platform in the middle of a river with background resembling those gorgeous mountains in China. Along with this supposed Chun-Li design were two females wearing Hakamas that are supposed to be Ken and Ryu's daughters respectively (I think my brain was inspired by Rumble Fish that time) and Dhalsim wearing his Street Fighter V Animation design (the other characters are yet to be unlocked). Then the dream just ended there, I immediately sketched the design I saw in the dream. The original design actually had Chun-li's signature hair buns but I chose to remove it as I made this character "a successor" to her. I took one of Snoop Dogg's iconic hairstyles as inspiration to what I gave this character now. :giggle:

I chose the name "Hua Dongtian""Chun Li" (Spring Beauty). Add to that, it perfectly fits the color scheme I originally saw in the dream, so WIN-WIN~!

[-- MOVELIST Ideas: --]

I don't have a concrete and complete original movelist like the other JAM participants have done but even though this character is somehow reminiscent of Chun-Li in her design I wanted to give her moves of her own but would still harken to the moves Chun-li had.

In comparison to Chun-Li, Hua's kicks are slower and have more power in them (I am thinking of those MMA style low kicks). She would have no projectiles and she would rely A LOT in kicks. I am envisioning Hua's version of Chun-Li's "Hyakuretsu Kyaku" to be somewhat like Blair Dame's (of Street Fighter EX) special move kick but slower. Hua's "Spinning Bird Kick" would be a SUPER move and it's execution would be like that scene of Chun-li in the Street Fighter Animated movie wherein she used her hands to do the move (unlike in the game wherein she just hovers) and it will end with a huracanrana to the opponent. I would also like to give Hua Chun-li's Street Fighter EX move "Hyenshuu" (as I loved that move on Chun-Li back then) but instead of it being just a one-hit kind of a special move it would branch out to different kinds of finishers (LK.version would be the old kind of Hyenshuu,  MK.version would have Hua switching to a powerful kick mid-air, and HK.version would be a knock down attack). Those are just some of my random thoughts on how Hua would play and stuff...

I think I have made this too long already. :P
KentaGlitch17 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
im adding your pic to my newly created Street Fighter OC crew~ It would be an honor if you could join us though its a new group~ :)
And i really wish there was a  character like this! 
Intellectual-Soldier Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014  Student General Artist
There ya go, She can take the place of Chunli easily; magnificent successor design you crated for her!
matsunoki Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh why thank you kind sir. :)
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