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of the Goh-Goh clan by matsunoki of the Goh-Goh clan by matsunoki
Supposed to be entry for :iconshwann:'s DJ Goh Goh Art Contest. I wasn't able to submit it though because when I was still finishing this a day job popped out and I got accepted, it grabbed most of my past 3 months hence also the time to finish this.

[ WALL OF ART EXPLANATION in 3...2..1. ]

Yeah, what you're seeing there is a male gender bender of DJ Goh Goh. :XD: When I caught wind of the contest I just knew that most of the contestants will play along the sexiness of the given subject, so what I did was take a different path and went on to play rather on the background of the character.

I took design cues from the original female DJ Goh Goh. Since she is a ninja i thought of GOH GOH being a clan name more than a name of just one person hence the additional materials for the idea. As cheesy as it sounds I was having this idea that the title "DJ" is like some sort of a high rank that you need to attain in the clan and only one can have it. So I was thinking that this design can either be used as the male equivalent of DJ Goh Goh or a ninja from the Goh Goh clan that is still on the path of attaining the rank of "DJ".

I felt awkward to the realization to use pink but then I remembered that saying I heard some time ago from some clothing company ad: "Real men wear Pink..." so I still incorporated the pink although I toned down the lightness so that it won't look too girly.

Anyway I did enjoy doing this, although it got too long winded coz work affected my available time. :cries: Nevertheless I learned some stuff here and there (e.g. need to practice weapons/subjects holding weapons! :rage: ) and experimented on some stuff (thin lines!). It's always nice to discover things to learn when it comes to art. :XD:

Art, idea © :iconmatsunoki:
Original idea, DJ Goh Goh © :iconshwann:
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March 30, 2010
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